Goverment Legal Services Work Shadowing 2017

Students from Brampton Manor Academy and Langdon Academy attended an open day at the Goverment Legal Services. Below are their views and experiences of the day.  


The day was absolutely wonderful and informative. My mentor along with the accompanying staff were friendly, welcoming, and ready and help and explain anything which I may have needed. They have provided me with valuable advice and generously answered all my questions regarding a career in law, their personal experiences and journeys, as well as an insight into life working at the GLD. Moreover, they organised very stimulating activities which allowed me to think in various different ways, and exposed me to the kind of challenges one faces when working with the law, all while still being in an approachable environment. 

The experience was one of a kind, providing me with the right inside into the professional work of the GLD and lawyers in general. It has allowed the expansion of my interest and horizons for law, as well as the chance to receive advice from honest, hardworking and experienced professionals.

Thank you for facilitating such an insightful experience!

Lydia K, Brampton Manor Academy



I had an absolutely amazing time! Attending the work experience day has given me a practical insight into the legal profession and has helped me get a much better understanding of the career and the different roles one can pursue. I was able to visit the Royal Courts of Justice and watch (first-hand) a case happen in front of me, which is something I thought I'd never have been able to do. I think this work shadowing day has definitely helped me broaden my knowledge of government work and helped me in my career decision. 

This is something I would love to do again and has benefitted me in many ways. I am sincerely grateful for this opportunity to have been granted to me and am truly appreciative of the work you do and the chance you have given me. 

Harine P, Langdon Academy 



I particularly enjoyed the Shadowing Day GLD prepared for me with special thanks to Ro, Natalie, Ed, Daphne, Martin and Glenn. With their input the day was very enjoyable and informative. When visiting Chambers at 5 Essex Court we were offered the opportunity to possible spend a full day in Chambers, shadowing a clerk which I will definitely be chasing up! 

Amira W, Brampton Manor Academy



I greatly enjoyed the work shadowing experience since it has given me a clearer insight on the broad range of topics that the GLD works on. I have learnt that the GLD is a very flexible place and has a great friendly environment which I have witnessed first-hand as many employees came to say hello to me during presentation arranged by the employee I was shadowing for the day.

Overall, I think this was a great chance to witness what the life at the GLD is like and I've greatly enjoyed hearing about people’s work at the GLD since they all seem to enjoy the work that they do. 

Sajeed G



I found the work shadowing at the GLD offices fun and useful as it gave me a better insight into law and gave me a chance to consider it as a career in the future. Also, it helped to build my speaking skills and confidence to speak to people, to conclude it was enjoyable, informative and life changing.

Mohammed R


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